February 25, 2018


Steelhead season begins in August the A-run (4 to 10lb fish) are running strong weather is nice the water is warm and the fish are scrappy.  This time of year you will experience the best fight a steelhead has to offer.  Early October the B-run (10 lb plus fish) begin to trickle in and will grow in numbers all through the winter.  Tens of thousands of fish migrate each year to the Snake, Clearwater, Salmon, Grande Ronde rivers and many other small tributaries.  This is our busy time of year we run up to 6 boats and spend most of our time fishing the lower Clearwater and the Snake River near Heller Bar.  We are blessed to have the largest concentration of Steelhead in the world.  April signifys the end of the Steelhead season.

Big B-run Clearwater river hen