April 25, 2017

Fishing Report

February 13th 2017

Temperatures have finally risen out of the sub-freezing zone and the snow and ice has almost melted away. This past week we had to cancel and move trips around because the Clearwater had a total blowout sending ice burgs, mud, and trees downriver. The river has begun to subside and clear up. Today we had a boat out and they ended with about 20 fish in the net.

Fishing prior to the blowout was excellent, 10-20 fish days with one of our boats hitting 35 fish to the net in one day! We expect that the next month will prove to be some of the best fishing we have seen in recent years. You will not find better Steelhead fishing anywhere else in the world.

The Limit is 3 hatchery fish and as always we provide all poles, bait, tackle, and cook a hot lunch. With temps in the mid 40s expected for the next few weeks escape the snow and come toss a line for some Spring Steelhead.