October 22, 2017

Fishing Report



Sturgeon fishing on the Snake is starting to kick off and so far fishing has been pretty decent despite the extreme high water. Sturgeon lay dormant all winter and when the water temperatures rise in the spring the Sturgeon begin to gorge themselves on any food they can scrounge up which makes catching them this time of year easier than during the heat of the summer or frigid temps of the winter. Toby was out a few days ago and hooked into 8 of these monsters.

Smallmouth Bass

We can also combo these trips with Smallmouth Bass which is also starting to kick off well and is always a blast. The Snake River system is chocked full of Bass and can be found in almost any current break. Generally we stop at the Bass holes in-between our Sturgeon to give you some steady action.

In June we offer drift boat trips on the Grand Ronde for these same Smallmouth Bass. This trip is a blast with most days catch rates into the 100 fish range. 5 and 6 pounders are not uncommon. The Ronde is a secluded river, no roads, no cell service, and no fishing out of a power boat. This provides peace and serenity complimented by consistent action all day long. If this trip is something that interests you contact now as we usually fill up fast.


Dworshak Kokanee Special
2 anglers $200 per person (no lunch)
3 or more anglers $175 per person (no lunch)
-25 fish limit per person-