January 19, 2018

Grande Ronde Fishing Guides

Grande Ronde Fishing Guides

Grande Ronde River Fishing: Steelhead, Trout or Bass?

If you are into steelhead fishing then there’s just one river to head for: the Grande Ronde River. The Grande Ronde River is a tributary of the Snake River, located at northeastern Oregon and southwestern Washington. The river is the home of steelhead, salmon, bull trout, mountain whitefish and other species of fish.

From the months of September through March, you can find the most enjoyable steelhead fishing at the Grande Ronde River. The river is best known as the steelhead destination during winter. Trout fishing at the Grande Ronde River is also an excellent alternative during summer and fall while smallmouth bass fishing is patronized by anglers from June to October.

At the Grande Ronde River, you can enjoy different methods of fishing. You can fly fish from the boats or cast baits or lures from the riverbanks.

The Grande Ronde River has a lot of undeveloped camping areas along it. The camping areas have common toilet facilities but no electrical power. Most part of the river is surrounded by private property. It is best to check with some agencies like the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) to make sure you will not be accidentally trespassing any private land. You can also inquire about other forms of recreation, necessary permits and maps of the region that are particularly helpful in finding the best place to fish.

The upper Grande River is popular for trout fishery. This area of the river offers excellent fly fishing in the late spring and early summer.

The lower Grande Ronde River, on the other hand, is a great fishing spot for steelhead in the late summer, fall and early winter. You can catch steelhead using dry flies in the early fall though lures and bait are still known to work best.

Before you go fishing though, be sure to check the regulations of the area where you will be fishing. Take note that the rules may vary in different areas throughout the river and also from season to season so it is best to keep yourself updated at all times. Be sure you know how to identify what kind of fish you catch because not all are game fish and there are endangered fish that ought to be released when caught.

Grande Ronde River: the best stop for steelhead in the winter, trout in the summer and bass in the other months. Let us help you by being your Grande Ronde Fishing Guides!