January 19, 2018

Snake River Fishing Guides

Snake River Fishing Guides

Why You Should Go Fishing at the Snake River

The Snake River is one of the most remarkable tributaries in Idaho. It runs over a thousand miles, originating near Yellowstone Park in Wyoming and flowing northwest into Idaho. The Snake River has attracted anglers from around the globe and has received international commendation when the 1997 World Fly Fishing Championship was held there.

Fly fishing is one method of angling, normally applied to catch trout and salmon, both of which are abundant in the Snake River. In this approach, fish are usually lured using artificial flies cast with a fly rod and a fly line.

The Snake River offers a great challenge to the best anglers and fly fishermen. The weather in this river becomes warm and sunny in late April, allowing much of the snow to melt. By late June or early July, the river already regains its greenish-blue color. In the prime months of July through October, anglers run off to the river, excited to once again fish in the grand Snake River.

The Snake River is known for the Fine-Spotted Snake River Cutthroat Trout, a type of trout easily lured with dry flies. If with other types of fish you have to play the long waiting game, with the cutthroat trout, you only have to let them catch a glimpse of a fly and you can expect them to start jumping from any depth of the river.

There are a couple of bridges along Snake River, like Moose in Wyoming, that present fine opportunities for fishing. All you need to do is park your car, walk down the bank and set up your fishing gear. Other bridges frequented by anglers are the Wilson Bridge and the one at South Park where many boat trips start and end. Other ideal fishing spots are the Flat Creek located at the northeast bank of Snake River and the Snake River Canyon. If you think about it, the Snake River offers trouble-free access to fishing because the main road is just parallel to the river the entire way. All you need to do is stop at the side and run off down the bank to start fishing. But be careful because some areas are rather steep.

You’ll definitely find it amazing to go fishing at Snake River because it is stocked with trout, steelhead, salmon, sturgeon, bass, catfish and other naturally-reproducing fish presenting you and every other angler out there an incredible fishing experience. Let us lead you as your Snake River Fishing Guides!