January 19, 2018

Snake River Lyons Ferry Fishing Guides

Snake River Lyons Ferry WalleyeSnake River Lyons Ferry Walleye Fishing Guides

Walleye fishing is offered year round, early spring through late summer is prime. Our Lyons Ferry Walleye Fishing Guides operate boats on the Snake River for this fishery near the Lyons Ferry State Park. The Lyons Ferry section of the Snake River is home to Walleye ranging in size from 1 to 17 pounds. Walleye spawn in the Spring and Fall and can be found in shallow flats during that time, in summer they can be found in deeper water near points of sharp ledges and bars. These fish have better vision under low light conditions, making early mornings or late evenings best for fishing, or overcast skies or during windy conditions where sunlight through the water column is obscured. Let our Snake River Lyons Ferry Walleye Fishing Guides take you to the hot spots and put you on some of the largest Walleye in the country.