May 20, 2022

Columbia River Fishing Guides

Columbia River Fishing Guides

The Big Fish of the Columbia River

The Columbia River is the largest river flowing from North America to the Pacific Ocean. It is the fourth largest river in the United States and is the home of many species of fish. Most of its inhabitants are anadromous, a type of traveling fish that usually breed in freshwater but eventually live in the sea. Various species of salmon and sturgeon have inhabited the river for thousands of years.

Most anglers are drawn to the Columbia River for salmon and sturgeon fishing. However, the river is also abundant in steelhead, walleye, smallmouth bass, pike minnow and carp.

The most popular choice for anglers is the wild Columbia River salmon. Unfortunately, due to sport and marketing, the number of this prominent specie has declined from 15 million. The river used to accommodate the largest number of Pacific salmon in the world, but difficult times have caused the quantity to fall. Hatcheries are now farming millions of juvenile salmon each year to replace the loss, allowing the river to remain as one of the top fisheries in North America.

The Columbia River sturgeon is still plenty in number and has been a much desired prize by most anglers. This fish has attracted at least 170,000 anglers to visit the Columbia River annually. Why all this attention? Well, some of this type of sturgeon can reach an amazing length of ten feet! Now don’t you want to bring home something that magnificent?

Columbia River Sturgeon Fishing Guides

It gets more exciting as the summer salmon season approaches. When it’s that time of the year, get in touch with your fishing guide because you can expect a challenging yet exhilarating sport in salmon fishing. Certain species of salmon can be easily caught by bait set up by anglers. However, you might end up (or the fish in this case) biting more than you can chew. Imagine struggling to hook a salmon weighing over 50 pounds. That’s what you call intense action. Of course, it would be great to have a guide who would help you haul it in.

Even though most of the fishery for oversized sturgeon and salmon are catch-and-release, anglers are happy to go through the whole sport for the experience. It is a thrilling test of your fishing skills.

Walleye fishing is also becoming popular in the Columbia River the past years. It might be a smaller fish, but it shows record potential in the fishing district. Let help you as your Columbia River Fishing Guides.

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