July 4, 2022

Dworshak Reservoir Smallmouth Bass Fishing Guides

Dworshak Reservoir Smallmouth Bass Fishing Guides

Dworshak Reservoir is formed by the Dworshak Dam on the Northfork of the Clearwater River. Dworshak Reservoir extends over 50 miles with over 17,000 surface acres of water. Dworshak Reservoir is home to some of the largest Smallmouth Bass in the state of Idaho.

Our team of guides will take you into the wild, pristine Idaho Back-country in search of these toads. Dworshak Reservoir Smallmouth Bass grow to an excess of 9 pounds, with the state record being taken more than once. Its not uncommon for our trips to see multiple 5+ pound fish per trip.

Not only does Dworshak hold large fish, numbers of fish don’t disappoint either. In the summer months we have seen days of over 100 fish being caught. If you are in search of the monster fish, spring time is prime. When the water begins to warm in April, we target the points and flats with crankbaits and swim baits. This is when the biggest fish are in the shallower areas spawning and feeding on kokanee and baby bass. As the year progresses these big fish drop back into deep water which makes catching them more difficult, but still viable. During this time (July – August), dropshot-ing is most productive where you can dial in a certain depth.

Dworshak Smallmouth Bass

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