July 4, 2022

Dungeness Crab Fishing Guides

Buoy 10 Crab Fishing

Astoria Oregon Dungeness Crab Fishing Guides

In recent years our captains have been offering a crabbing add-on to their salmon trips. With this option we will take you to the north shore jetty where our crab pots soak 24/7. We like to think of this as a little bonus to your salmon trip and most guests opt in! Our crew will clean your crabs and once we hit the dock we send them up to the dock-side cookers so you and your guests have fresh crab within an hour of stepping off our boats.

The Dungeness crab is considered a delicacy in the United States and Canada. Long before the area was settled, Native American tribes throughout the crustacean’s range had the crab as a traditional part of their diet and harvested them every year at low tide. The flesh has what is considered to be a delicate flavor and slightly sweet taste. Today they are an integral part of the cuisines of California, British Columbia, and the Pacific Northwest and traditionally feature in dishes like Crab Louie or Cioppino.

If adding a crabbing trip to your guided salmon trip interests you, let us know when booking. You can book your fishing trip online, select the “Buoy 10” trip and then select the Crabbing Add-on option during checkout.

Big haul of crab

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