July 4, 2022

Dworshak Reservoir Bass Fishing

Dworshak Reservoir Smallmouth Bass – As steelhead season comes to a close, its time to start thinking about our trophy bass fishery that kicks off in April. If you are looking for a wall hanger opportunity, be sure to get in on this trip. The “big fish bite” will start when water temps rise and the larger bass move into the shallows to build nests. Last year was an epic spring with Smallmouth up to 8 pounds were caught on our boats. We expect a similar or even better spring as the reservoir’s kokanee population was larger last year, providing ample amounts of food to increase growth rates in the bass.

This is a time-sensitive fishery. Last year we started to see big fish on the line around the 3rd week of April and continue through the 1st week of May. This 3-4 week window changes year to year, depending on weather and water temps.
Here are some pics from last season:

Dworshak Reservoir Bass Fishing Report

Dworshak Reservoir – We have been fishing for Smallies on the lake for almost 3 weeks. Prior to this past weekend fishing had been pretty darn tough. A lot of pressure and lower water temps made for tough conditions. A few of our guests were rewarded with some awesome recent catches! Multiple 6 pound fish have been caught, and our company record was broken on Tuesday with a 22″ long fatty weighing in at around 8 pounds! If you want to try for your personal best smallmouth, the next couple weeks will be the time! Seats are extremely limited and time is short so don’t wait.

Dworshak Smallmouth Bass
Dworshak Reservoir Smallmouth
Dworshak Reservoir Bass Fishing

Snake River Walleye, Kokanee Drop Camp, Fly Fishing School

Recent trips on the Snake River has produced good numbers of nice eating sized Walleye for our guests. This time of year we see a range of sizes from 12″ up to 30″+ fish. With the water cooler than normal we should see good fishing continue well into the summer.

With the Grande Ronde flowing higher and cooler than normal, we are able to provide bass trips later into the summer than we normally do. If you have ever wanted to learn how to fish with a fly rod, now is your chance. We will be offering a package where you will meet our guides the evening prior to your trip, they will teach you the basics of fly fishing, and then the next day you will float the Grande Ronde for bass. This is a great way to start out fly fishing. Dinner and drinks will be provided. Cost is $325 per angler.

Dworshak Reservoir is a great place to camp and enjoy the summer. Kokanee fishing is excellent right now. We are offering a package where we will drop you and your guests off at one of the 80 remote camp sites on the reservoir the night before your trip. Our guides will pick you up in the morning at the camp and fish you all day for your choice of Kokanee, Smallmouth Bass, or a combination of the two. Cost is $250 each angler for fishing + $150 for the drop camp.

Dworshak Kokanee Fishing Report


Kokanee fishing was on fire this past weekend for RTF guide Barry Howard. With multiple limits each day (25 per angler) fishing should remain good until mid July. Kokanee are great smoked, BBQ’d, or canned. Our guides will clean and scale your catch so all you have to do is go home and prepare them the way you like. Dworshak Reservoir is beautiful this time of year and a great place for a family outing. Kokanee fishing is great for kids. Discount for groups over 3 anglers.