May 20, 2022

Grande Ronde River Bass Fishing Guides

Grande Ronde River Smallmouth Bass Fishing Guides

Grande Ronde Bass Fishing Guides

We fish for Smallmouth Bass from the Washington/Oregon border to Heller Bar.  Our guides use drift boats and rafts to guide you to the remote hot spots.  Reel Time Fishing primarily guides the lower section (Shumaker Grade to County Bridge) for Smallmouth Bass. The Grande Ronde is a very remote limited access river with a class III / IV rapid (the Narrows Rapid) near the end of the float. This rapid requires great skill to navigate which helps keep traffic low. Our captains are well trained and have ran this rapid more than any other outfitter.

Fishing on this section in late May through July is absolutely amazing. The bass use the Grande Ronde as their spawning grounds in the spring. On a good day it is easy to catch over 100 Smallies. Most of the fish average 12″ to 16″ with your 18″ to 20″ being caught once or twice a day. If fish tacos are on the menu we are more than happy to let you fill the fish cooler. We will fillet and bag your catch at the end of the day.

When the water is high and dirty we tend to use brighter, bigger baits. Spinner baits, crankbaits, and large tube-style baits are our go-to. As the water recedes we switch over to smaller, less bulky baits such a senkos, small tubes, curly tails and rooster tails. In late June and early July the fly fishing will kick on. Whatever style you prefer our Grande Ronde River Smallmouth Bass Fishing Guides are knowledgeable and ready to get you out on the water!

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