July 2, 2022

Washington Steelhead Fishing Guides

Washington Fishing Guides

Snake River: An Amazing Resource of Steelhead

The Snake River is one amazing tributary in Washington. It is abundant in trout and salmon, attracting hundreds of anglers around the globe. Steelhead fishing on the Snake River offers an exhilarating angling adventure for guests since it is a major winter area for the steelhead.

Steelhead is a form of rainbow trout that travels from fresh water to salt water. They normally return to the rivers after a year or two when they are about to spawn more fish

There are two kinds of steelhead: the A-run and the B-run. The A-run normally returns to the Snake River after migrating for one year in the ocean. Since they only stay for a year in the vastness of the ocean, they grow and weigh only between 4 to 8 pounds. The B-run, on the other hand, stay in the ocean for two years, giving them more time to develop. They return to the Clearwater River between 12-20 pounds.

Now before you decide to leave the Snake River and travel to the Clearwater River for those massive B-run steelhead, take note that the B-run are usually fewer in number. Conversely, what the Snake River steelhead lack in size, they make up for in numbers.

You can find plenty of steelhead in the Lower Hells Canyon area of the Snake River in the late fall and early winter months. With countless of steelhead returning to the river early in the season, large numbers can easily be hooked and boated. With the weather becoming cooler as winter approaches, you can expect the fish to be less aggressive and rather productive.

Think about it. Generally fair albeit cool weather, heaps of steelhead, non-congested river. These are excellent conditions for steelhead fishing.

So now that you have the excellent fishing conditions and a lot steelhead waiting, all you need is to do is apply the right fishing technique. The most common methods of fishing on the Snake River are drifting bait, back trolling plugs and bobber fishing with jigs or shrimp. All of these types of fishing are sure ways to catch steelhead; however, they all require some skills. You should be able to adjust and change your fishing technique depending on the conditions in order to increase your success. Fly fishing for steelhead has also been known to be effective on the Snake River. The fishing guides can also assist you with some tips and techniques when catching steelhead. Let us be your Steelhead Fishing Guide!

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