Alaska King Salmon Fishing Trip

king salmon fishing in alaska on the nashagak river
angler holding a king salmon on the nashagak river in alaska
father and son holding a king salmon up for picture in alaska

Alaska’s Premier King Salmon Fishing Experience Awaits You!

One of the Best Spots to Fish for King, Sockey and Silver Salmon in Alaska

Cast your line in the mighty Nushagak River – Alaska’s undisputed king of King Salmon fishing destinations. Flowing from the Alaskan Range, this 280-mile river teems with abundant tributaries, such as Mulchatna and King Salmon Rivers, cultivating the perfect spawning grounds that beckon well over 100,000 King Salmon every June and July. We also epect to see a large run of Sockey and Silver Salmon this summer as well.

Imagine the thrill as your line tenses and you find yourself battling the catch of a lifetime. With more King Salmon returning here than any other Alaskan river, your chances of a triumphant tale just skyrocketed.

Don’t miss out on the fishing adventure of the season. Prime spots are filling up rapidly as anglers from around the world converge to claim their prize. Will you be one of them? Join us on the majestic Nushagak and turn your fishing dreams into reality!

Limited Access

Seek out the untouched Alaskan wilderness, where the Nushagak River flows secluded from the world, reachable only through the skies. This exclusivity promises a fishing sanctuary unlike any other. Picture yourself aboard, rods bending, as you and your companion reel in king after king, with averages ranging from 20 to 40 daily catches per boat. And when the waters are generous, be thrilled by the adrenaline surge of a 40+ fish day.

The Perfect Spot

Our camp is located a few miles above tidewater. This unique location gives you the chance to go wherever the Kings, Sockey and Silvers are, without the crowds. Often the only boats seen on the water in a day are from our camp. It’s a truly unique salmon fishing experience and one that is unmatched in Alaska.

Experience the ultimate King, Sockeye and Silver Salmon fishing adventure with Reel Time Fishing in the Alaskan wilderness!

Unforgettable Alaska Fishing Trip

Our exclusive riverside retreat on the Nushagak River provides the perfect blend of rustic charm and modern comforts. Unlike any other, Alaska King Salmon Adventures has the privilege of owning the land our camp is situated on, offering you a world-class experience akin to a lodge amidst the great outdoors.

Our camp boasts cozy Weatherport sleeping huts designed for duo anglers, ensuring you get the restful sleep you need after an exhilarating day of reeling in trophy fish. Each hut rests on a sturdy foundation and is heated for your comfort, giving you a tranquil sanctuary with incredible waterside vistas.

With our fully equipped gourmet kitchen and spacious dining tent, we guarantee your dining experiences are as memorable as your fishing ones. Indulge in delicious meals that fuel your pursuit of the mighty King Salmon. Alternatively, should you fancy Silvers or Sockeye, we’ve got an abundant run predicted this year a well.

Enhance your stay by mingling with fellow anglers in our new permanent recreation room or stay connected with complimentary wireless Internet. And after battling the kings of the river, refresh yourself in our well-appointed bathrooms complete with showers.

Plan your ultimate salmon fishing expedition for Alaskan King, Sockeye, or Silver Salmon with Reel Time Fishing. This adventure will be one for the books!

Dates and Pricing 2024


Round-trip airfare from Dillingham to the lodge/camp, top-quality fishing tackle, expert guide service, catch processing, gourmet meals, and deluxe camp accommodations.

Total price for King trips is $3,995*. Total price for Silver trips is $2,995*.

2024 Dates

  • June 17-21, 21-25, 25-29
  • June 29-July 3, 3-7, 7-11
  • August 11-15, 15-19, 19-23