July 4, 2022

Grande Ronde River Fishing Guides

Grande Ronde River Fishing Guides

Grande Ronde River Smallmouth Bass

We fish for Smallmouth Bass from the Washington/Oregon border to Heller Bar.  Our guides use a drift boat to guide you to the remote hot spots.  The Grande Ronde is a very remote limited access river with a class III or IV rapid near the end of the float requiring extreme skill that our Grande Ronde River Fishing Guides have spent years learning and mastering – you won’t find another set of guides who have floated this section more than us. Fishing and scenery are unbelievable. We often see 100 fish days with great action in almost each hole along the way. While most of these fish average 14″ it isn’t uncommon to see fish over 18″ on this float. On some years we have seen fish into the low 20″ range. If you are looking for a peaceful, relaxing float with lots of action, this is your trip.

Grande Ronde River Steelhead

Reel Time fishing also offers Steelhead fishing above Bogan’s Oasis in February. On good run years this section of river can easily produce double digit catch days. This is a fairly easy float where we mix in side drifting beads or yarn as well as bobber dogging or backtrolling plugs. Most of these fish are classified as A-run fish, meaning they are the smaller of the species of Steelhead averaging 6 to 8 pounds. Steelhead are scrapy fighters that like to make reel screaming runs and acrobatic shows during their fight.

The Grande Ronde River canyon is spectacular and awe-inspiring from the shear basalt cliffs that tower hundreds of feet above, to the lush meadows that seem to lay around every bend. A majority of the river is roadless, and on our spring Smallmouth Bass floats we often never see another angler.

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