Astoria Oregon Fishing Guides

The lower Columbia River extends from Bonneville Dam to the mouth at Astoria, Oregon. This expanse of the river covers approximately 120 miles and flows through cities such as Portland, Vancouver, Long View, and Illwaco. Not only does the Columbia River cover some beautiful scenery through this trek, but it also provides some world-class fishing opportunities.

In August and early September, our Lower Columbia Fishing Guides are targeting fall Chinook out of Astoria Oregon. The fall Chinook run is the largest run of Chinook that enters the Columbia River in route to their spawning grounds some upwards of 500 miles upstream. The fish enter the Columbia River each day’s tide. Saying that they are dime bright would be an understatement. The fish we catch here is ocean fresh and eat incredibly well. When the run is at its peak it is not uncommon to put our guests on screaming hot Chinook. Towards the end of August, the Coho salmon will begin to make their trek up river behind the Chinook. This provides everyone the opportunity to take home a fish of each species.

Buoy 10 Crab Fishing

In recent years our captains have been offering a crabbing add-on to their trips. With this option, we will take you to the north shore jetty where our crab pots soak 24/7. We like to think of this as a little bonus to your salmon trip and most guests opt-in! Our crew will clean your crabs and once we hit the dock we send them up to the dock-side cookers so you and your guests have fresh crab within an hour of stepping off our boats.

Please visit our Astoria or Buoy 10 page to learn more about what we offer.

Portland, Oregon Fishing Guides

In the spring months and during years of good spring Chinook returns you will find Reel Time Fishing boats cruising around the I5 and I205 bridges. What we like about this fishery is that the technique we use is hands-on. Unlike many other trolling fisheries, here you must dial your baits into the bottom contours of the river. This means constantly letting the line out or reeling the line in. Our guides know where to be during each tide. It is easy to miss the bite here by being in the wrong spot. We work with a few different guides here and are always in communication with where the hot bite is and what colors/bait to be using. Fishing with us here will take the guesswork out of fishing. Our Portland fishing page can further you on information about this fishery.