Upper Columbia Guide Service

The Upper Columbia is broken into a few different sections. First, you have the Hanford Reach. This area is a 40-mile section of the Columbia River between McNary Dam and Priest Rapids Dam. Because there is such a large distance between these dams the river here flows more like a natural river. Our primary target here is Fall Chinook in September and October. Our Upper Columbia Fishing Guides utilize various techniques that will put you on fish.

Visit our Hanford Reach or Ringold pages to learn more about this fishery. In the next section, you will see our Upper Columbia Fishing Guides operating at Vernita Bridge. This section is still inside the Hanford Reach, but right below Priest Rapids Dam. Being closer to the hatchery, fish tend to slow down when they reach this section allowing our guides to hone in on Chinook that are there to spawn.

Just like the lower section closer to Ringold, our guides can utilize various techniques that work depending on different water conditions. Visit our Vernita Bridge page to learn more about fishing here. Both of these areas are great places to fish.

There is something to be said about being in the desert, but yet fishing on the largest river in the Pacific Northwest. The Hanford Reach National Monument extends 40 miles on the left hand of the river, looking upstream, and is closed to all public. Our Upper Columbia Fishing Guides have seen trophy mule deer and elk roaming the banks. Rich with history, it is awe-inspiring to fish here.