Dworshak Reservoir Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Dworshak Reservoir is formed by the Dworshak Dam on the Northfork of the Clearwater River. Dworshak Reservoir extends over 50 miles with over 17,000 surface acres of water. Dworshak Reservoir is home to some of the largest Smallmouth Bass in the state of Idaho.
Our Dworshak Reservoir Fishing Guides will take you into the wild, pristine Idaho Back-country in search of these toads. Dworshak Reservoir smallmouth bass grow to an excess of 9 pounds, with the state record being taken more than once. Its not uncommon for our trips to see multiple 5+ pound fish per trip. Not only does Dworshak hold large fish, numbers of fish don’t disappoint either. No matter the time of year, our Dworshak Reservoir Fishing Guides will take you to the proper areas and fish the proper structure that is holding fish for that time of year.

Check out our Dworshak Reservoir Smallmouth Bass page for more information.

Dworshak Reservoir Kokanee Fishing

Dworshak Reservoir is also home to one of the largest populations of Kokanee in the state of Idaho. We offer Kokanee trips from February through July before the Kokanee make their trek into the upper reaches of the reservoir to spawn. Generally Dworshak Reservoir Kokanee average around 10″, but that can vary from year to year. The limit is 25 Kokanee per angler, and these fish are awesome table fare, from pan-fried, smoked, or canned – you won’t be disappointed in this catch.

If you are interested in a Kokanee fishing trip, check out our Dworshak Reservoir Kokanee page for more information.

Our Dworshak Reservoir Fishing Guides can combo Smallmouth Bass and Kokanee trips depending on the time of the year or you can choose one or the other.