Dworshak Reservoir is home to one of the largest populations of Kokanee in the state of Idaho. We offer Kokanee trips from February through July before the Kokanee make their trek into the upper reaches of the reservoir to spawn. Generally Dworshak Reservoir Kokanee average around 10″, but that can vary from year to year. The limit is 25 Kokanee per angler, and these fish are awesome table fare, from pan-fried, smoked, or canned – you won’t be disappointed in this catch.

A Kokanee is a land-locked Sockeye Salmon, which is known for its vibrant red flesh that is highly prized in many cultures in the Northwest United States. We target Dworshak Reservoir Kokanee with a few different techniques. Our main technique is with lake trolls (i.e. Luhr Jensen Cow Bell, Bolo, Ford Fender, etc.) rigged in front of a wedding ring spinner tipped with corn and/or maggots. Early in the year, Kokanee tends to be towards the upper water column (0-10′), and as the water temperatures rise they tend to push deeper (15-50’+).

We also have had success in using dodgers and hoochies as well as Brad’s Kokanee Cut Plugs. It is not uncommon to catch 100 of these tasty fishes in a day.

Besides catching a great eating fish, Dworshak Reservoir provides great scenery with lush evergreen trees growing on the mountainsides, countless creek tributaries with year-round flowing water, and 80 remote campsites for the overnight angler. Dworshak Reservoir is an extremely popular fishing and recreation lake with the residents. Book a Dworshak trip with us and see why.

Our Dworshak Reservoir Fishing Guides can combo Smallmouth Bass and Kokanee trips depending on the time of the year or you can choose one or the other. Our Dworshak Reservoir Kokanee Fishing Guide Service is ready to get you on the water. Contact Us today to reserve your fishing adventure.