July 4, 2022

Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Smallmouth Bass Fishing on the Grande Ronde and Snake Rivers

The Grande Ronde River, a tributary of the Snake River, is a steelhead destination during winter. However, the smallmouth bass plays an important role in fishing and is patronized by anglers from June to October.

The smallmouth bass is a type of fresh water fish, which has become a popular game fish sought by many anglers throughout North America.

During early spring, you can find smallmouth bass at the mouth of the Grande Ronde River. They will stay at the mouth until water temperature changes, driving them to move into the warmer river itself. They typically move to the temperate Grande Ronde River to feed and spawn. In the months of spring and summer, the river becomes the general smallmouth bass fishing area among the tributaries of the Snake River. When the water of the Grande Ronde River turns cold again in late October, the smallmouth bass migrate back to the Snake River.

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In June, when the water is warmer and the water is low, the smallmouth bass start to become very active and begin their run. Considering that the Grande Ronde River is small compared to other rivers, you can easily fish smallmouth bass from the shore or by wading along the shallow water and casting your line to the numerous pockets and runs. In the early morning, you can find smallmouth bass swimming in the shallow waters of the river.

The average size of smallmouth bass in the river is between one to three pounds. Some smallmouth bass are heavier reaching up five pounds, but the one-pounder is still the most common. The larger smallmouth bass can be found in the deeper pockets of the river.

If you fish from dawn to dusk during the summer, you can expect to haul in as much as 150 fish. The average catch for smallmouth bass is around 50. Few people fish for sport at the Grande Ronde River during the summer and the few who do normally release their fish to maintain the smallmouth bass population.

There are different ways to fish for smallmouth bass. You can use baits or light spinning gear. Fly fishing is also common.

There are also some regulations imposed at the Grande Ronde River with regard to fishing time, area and species. The entire Grande Ronde River requires the use of barb less hooks throughout the year and there also certain bait and hook restrictions to be heeded on certain months. We know the best areas for Smallmouth Bass Fishing!

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