Sturgeon Fishing GuideS

What is a Sturgeon? Sturgeon is a group of about 25 species of large, primitive fishes. They feed on small animals and plants, which they suck into extend-able, toothless mouths. A sturgeon’s body is long and narrow with several rows of bony plates along the back and sides. The upper lobe of the tail is much longer than the lower. Sturgeons are prehistoric-looking things that can be well over 100 years old.
Ranging from 1 foot to over 13 feet, the Sturgeon is one of the largest freshwater fish on the planet. Because of their magnificent size and sheer brute strength, they were voted by In-Fisherman Magazine as one of the top ten fish to catch in the world! We offer two Sturgeon trips. The first is a Catch and Release trip departing at Heller Bar on the Snake River. Here you will fish the entrance to Hells Canyon with spectacular scenery and plenty of wildlife to spot while you are waiting for your next bite. The Snake River fishery is our most productive, averaging 5 oversized 6 to 10-foot fish per day.

The second trip is a catch-and-keep trip on the Columbia River below John Day Dam. This fishery takes place in early January and can produce some very fine keeper-sized fish. When the water conditions are right our Sturgeon expert guides can get you onto some fun and exciting action.