Buoy 10 Fishing Guides

Our expert guides target the fall run of Chinook on the Columbia River mouth near Buoy 10. Fishing from the mouth of the Columbia at Buoy 10 upriver to Tongue Point, this is the first stretch of river that these fish enter and they are dime bright, coming in on each day’s tides. We intercept these big, powerful Chinook as they make their way though the channels and sand bars of the Lower Columbia River. Knowing where to be at each stage of the tide is crucial at this fishery. Our fishing guides are experts at reading the tide and knowing right where to be to stay on top of the hot bite. The Fall Chinook run is the largest of the salmon runs in the Columbia River system, with recent runs hitting near the million fish mark. This makes for some awesome catching! Join our Buoy 10 Fishing Guides in August for a trip of a lifetime.

Coho Salmon Fishing Guides

While fishing for Chinook you will also have the ability to catch Coho Salmon as well. These fish are smaller but eat just as well, some say even better than a Chinook. Coho will bite the same baits that we fish for Chinook. In recent years anglers have been able to retain 1 Chinook and 1 Coho OR 2 Cohos at this fishery.

Buoy 10 Crab Fishing

In recent years our captains have been offering a crabbing add-on to their trips. With this option, we will take you to the north shore jetty where our crab pots soak 24/7. We like to think of this as a little bonus to your salmon trip and most guests opt-in! Our crew will clean your crabs and once we hit the dock we send them up to the dock-side cookers so you and your guests have fresh crab within an hour of stepping off our boats.