Reel Time Fishing works the Columbia, Snake, and Clearwater rivers for Chinook Salmon. We have two runs: the spring and the fall.
Spring Salmon average 12 to 15 lbs and are regarded as the most prized table fare of the Chinook varieties. We fish these areas for Springers: the Columbia River near the Portland area, Drano Lake, John Day Dam, the Snake River at Little Goose Dam and Lyons Ferry, and the Clearwater River in Idaho. We follow the migration of the fish keeping your lines on the biggest concentration of the run. Fall Chinook are larger, averaging 20 lbs. We focus on the Astoria, Oregon Buoy 10 area and the Hanford Reach, although it is not uncommon to see a Reel Time boat venturing into the upper Columbia near Wells dam near Brewster, Washington, Mid-Columbia near the mouth of the Deschutes River, or the Snake River when seasons permit. Fall Chinook are known as “Up River Brights” because when they enter the Columbia River the fish are dime bright (note picture above).

At one time the Columbia River had the largest run of King Salmon in the world along with the biggest Chinook Salmon. Kenai River kings are a strain of the Columbia River King. We still have a great wild sustained run and some 50lb plus fish get caught every year. Once again we start at the river mouth and follow the fish to the spawning grounds, moving with the fish, and staying on top of them. On all Astoria Oregon, Bouy 10 trips you will also have plenty of opportunities to catch nice Coho Salmon. The limit is 1 King and 1 Coho or 2 Coho. This August fishery is an exciting time in the Pacific Northwest as Millions of Salmon enter the Columbia River on their annual migration to countless tributaries.