Columbia River Guides

The Columbia River is a massive body of water that starts in Canada and flows into the Pacific Ocean. This river is home to many different species of fish including three types of Salmon, Steelhead, Sturgeon, Walleye, Bass, and many more. Reel Time Fishing targets a majority of the species you can catch swimming the Columbia River. Our six full time guides offer trips on a majority of the Columbia River. These places include Astoria, Portland, Rufus, John Day Dam, Maryhill State Park, Tri-Cities, Hanford Reach, Ringold, Wells Dam, and Brewster.
The Columbia River provides water that is conducive to many types of fishing methods. At the mouth, our Columbia River Fishing Guides troll herring or anchovies behind flashers for Chinook and Coho. As the fish move up river, we change our method to trolling Pro-troll flashers with Brad’s Cutplug or superbait lures. As the Salmon near their spawning areas we then target them using eggs trolled behind divers, hover fished in the deep pockets, or side-drifted in the faster water.

For Walleye, we generally troll bottom walkers with worm harnesses, crankbaits, or jig. Walleye are very aggressive eaters, but also move a lot. Staying on them is the most important part of having a successful day.

If you are interested in Columbia River fishing guides, look no further. Reel Time Fishing has spent decades learning this mighty river to give you and your guests the best experience.