July 2, 2022

Upcoming Fishing Opportunities

2/17/2020 Walleye- March marks the pre-spawn bite of our prized walleye fishery on the Snake and Columbia Rivers. This is the time of year where we generally catch most of our larger “trophy” sized fish. As the water begins to warm the larger females make their way into the shallower flats. We troll crankbaits, jig, or pull worm harnesses through these areas with great success. Many of these trips we can combo with coldwater catfish, sturgeon, or if the flows are right give tours to Palouse Falls. The Snake and Columbia River basin is home to some of the largest Walleye in the country. We will be booking walleye trips now until July. To book this trip click the “book now” button below or Click Here to visit our walleye page.BOOK NOW

Alaska- Our partner lodge has 2 prime weeks available this July. We provide 5 day trips and most groups will split those days between halibut and kings. Our halibut fishing is different than most places in Alaska. We jig fish in primarily shallow water (70 to 150′) and don’t go way off shore. We don’t have rushing tides so fishing is more laid back than what you’d find in other parts of Alaska. Our halibut range in size from 25/30# to 100+. Last summer we caught 2- 160#, a 145#, a few 100# and many that were 70-90#. Most of our halibut spots also produce very nice ling cod that range from 15# to 50#. The halibut and ling cod limit is 2 per day with no size restrictions.
Our king fishery takes place on the Chignik River. Last summer we were averaging 25 fish in the net a day with the size averaging 25#. With the Chignik River system being small we are able to target chrome bright kings that come in on the day’s tide while also targeting the fish that are in the upper reaches of the system. The river is small and shallow so these fish fight hard and are a blast to catch.
Our lodge sits at the foothills of the Alaskan Peninsula Mountain Range. Every direction you look there are snow capped mountains, lots of brown bears, whales, and many other wildlife. Dinner is served all-you-can-eat family style. Mary is a great chef with gourmet meals every evening. We are the only lodge in operation for 100+ miles so there is no combat fishing. Most days we are the only sport fishing boats on the water.
The dates that are open are July 12 to July 18 & July 25 to July 31.

Call/text Travis Wendt 208-790-4113 or email wendttravis@gmail.com
John Rantz 360-510-2296 johnr@chignikbayadventures.com