November 17th 2022

Clearwater River Steelhead Update – October provided some epic catching, some of the best our guides have been a part of in more than 5 years. The catch & release season provided all of our guests with opportunities to land some chunky B-run’s. Many days with catch rates into the teens and some into the 20’s.

As we continue to fish during the harvest season which opened Oct 15th, catch rates have dropped some due to increased traffic and currently we are working through our first cold snap that has dropped the water temps 4-5 degrees this week. We are still seeing 5-12 hook ups a day. A warming trend is in the forecast and we expect the fish to become more active again in the coming week. The entire river is full of fish as all of our guides have noted “rollers” in most every fishing hole. Traffic generally calms around the holidays which makes for better opportunities to get in while the river is a little quieter.

The fish this year are beefier and fatter than what we’ve seen in years past. We have measured some 38″ that scaled out at 20 pounds. Usually Steelhead don’t hit the 20 pound mark until they are at least 40″ long.

Grab some buddies or family and come on down to the Clearwater River valley to get in on this great steelhead season. Click the button below to book:

Cabo Fishing – Toby will be down in Cabo this December running trips on his boat the Run N Gun. If you are looking for resort packages or are going to be down around the Cabo area and want to fish get in touch with him to book your trip. Full day rate for Cabo fishing for up to 5 anglers is $1,500.