May 20, 2022

Snake River Walleye Fishing Guides

Guided Walleye Fishing
Trophy Snake River Walleye

Walleye fishing is offered year round, early spring through late summer is prime. Reel Time Walleye Fishing operates boats on the Snake and Columbia Rivers for this fishery. Both of these rivers are chocked full of Walleye ranging in size from 1 to 17 pounds. Walleye spawn in the Spring and Fall and can be found in shallow flats during that time. In the summer they can be found in deeper water near points of sharp ledges and bars.

Walleye have better vision under low light conditions, making early mornings or late evenings best for fishing, or overcast skies or during windy conditions where sunlight through the water column is obscured. We operate our guided Walleye fishing service in numerous cities across the Northwest United States like Lewiston ID, Clarkston WA, Lyons Ferry WA, Richland WA, Pasco WA, Kennewick WA, Umatilla OR, Biggs Junction OR, Dalles OR, Cascade Locks OR, Portland OR and Maryhill State Park WA.

Our guides use various techniques to target Walleye. During cold water conditions in the winter and early spring we will vertical jig using one ounce jig heads with hootchies and worms. When the water begins to warm, the fish will begin to move into shallower water where trolling deep-diving crankbaits is the key to success. As the season progresses we then follow the fish back into the deep water by trolling worms with bottom bouncers. This method produces the best during warm water conditions. Catching Walleye can be challenging as they tend to move a lot and change what they are wanting to eat. Book a trip with us to take the hassle out of the learning curve.

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Snake River Walleye
Snake River Walleye

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