Snake River Fishing Guides

Reel Time Fishing operates guided fishing trips on the Snake River out of four areas – Heller Bar, Lyons Ferry, Clarkston, and Little Goose Dam. The Heller Bar area is vastly different from the other three locations in that it is the free-flowing section of the Snake River. Lyons Ferry and Little Goose Dam are in what is called Lake Herbert, a pool created by one of the four lower Snake River dams. The Clarkston section is behind Lower Granite Dam. Even though these places give you a different feel for what water is capable of doing, they all provide unique fishing experiences with great success.

At Heller Bar, we primarily target Steelhead, Sturgeon, and Smallmouth Bass. With this being the free-flowing section of the river, our guides use side-drifting or back-trolling as the main method of taking for Steelhead, dropping bait in the deep back-eddies for Sturgeon, and flipping crankbaits or soft plastics in the current breaks for big smallmouth bass.

This is also the entrance to Hells Canyon, North America’s deepest river gorge. Coupled with sheer rock jetting out of the river, roaming bighorn sheep and mule deer, to awesome fishing, many consider this their “bucket list” trip. Below Little Goose Dam or at Lyons Ferry we target Walleye, Catfish, and Salmon. This is much different than that of our Heller Bar fishery as at times of the year there is very little current here. When we target Walleye, we troll crankbaits or nightcrawler harnesses on the bottom. When we have a good run of Spring Salmon we anchor our boat up directly below Little Goose Dam and soak plugs or herring near the bottom. Catfish can be caught most anytime by targeting mud flats or areas with deep pockets of water.