July 4, 2022

Drano Lake Fishing Guides

guided fishing drano lake
Drano Lake Spring Chinook

Drano Lake is a tributary of the Columbia River just downstream of Hood River, Oregon. It is located on the Washington side of the river and is fed by the Little White Salmon River. Drano Lake is a very popular destination for Salmon and Steelhead anglers. In the spring we fish Drano Lake for Chinook Salmon. Because of a local hatchery program located on the Little White Salmon, Drano Lake has one of the highest returning stocks of the prized spring Chinook salmon. Despite the entire Columbia River drainage being a one fish limit, Drano Lake has always remained a two fish limit.

During this fishery we troll herring or prawns behind flashers. When the fish are in it is an easy catching fishery. Because this is such a popular destination coupled with a relatively small area to fish, boat control and placement are key to success. It is a very good idea to hire a guide here. Reel Time Fishing has spent many years perfecting this fishery and have dialed in our bait recipes conducive to this environment.

In the fall we also fish Drano Lake for Chinook and Steelhead. This takes place in September. The style of fishing is fairly similar to our spring fishery here except that we use ProTroll flashers and superbaits or spinners. In the summer, Drano Lake is considered a “cold water refuge.” By August and September the Columbia River has warmed up to 70+ degrees. Drano Lake stays cool by being fed by the Little White Salmon which is mountain fed. The Salmon and Steelhead push into Drano Lake to cool off, allowing anglers a better shot at catching them.

Steelhead fishing here takes place in the fall as well. We target the Steelhead that push into Drano Lake for the cool water. Night fishing is best. We often see great catch rates with a lot of big B-run fish coming aboard.

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