May 18th 2022

Dworshak Reservoir Smallmouth Bass Season Recap – We started off our trophy Dworshak Smallie season the third week of April. Due to late winter weather in mid April, our first week of trips did not produce the results we were looking for. Water temps plummeted from 50 degrees to 45 degrees in a matter of days. Our frustrated guides pushed on to find a successful technique that would produce great results. By the end of our first full week of trips the bite turned on, and we ended our season with the most number of big fish we have ever seen. Our company record was broke by guest Dale Montague, landing a whopping 9 pounder! A few others in the 8 pound range, a handful in the 7 pound range, as well as plenty landed in the 6 pound range. We expect next year to provide similar to even better results as our Kokanee population has exploded this year, providing ample food to grow these fish even bigger. The certified weight record will surely be broken before next season is over.

Check out our BIG fish from this season:

Clearwater River Spring Chinook – It felt good to get back on the Clearwater River for spring chinook this past week. Catch rates have improved tremendously over the last 5 days and there have been 2,400 to 3,500 fish a day passing Lower Granite Dam. This should provide us with some great catching for the next couple of weeks.

The Clearwater River quota is about 5,900 fish, to date we have killed around 500 so there is still plenty of fish left to be harvested. Fishing has been absolute fire this week!

We are looking for 1 to 3 anglers to join a single angler boat on the 19th and 20th of this week.

To book click button below, if the date you would like isn’t available please give us a call or message as we may be able to fit you in with another group already booked.