Snake River Heller Bar Sturgeon Fishing

Sturgeon are the largest freshwater fish in North America and our Heller Bar Sturgeon fishery is home to some of the largest fish in the states of Idaho and Washington. Averaging 6 to 8 feet with 10
plus footers in the river these fish put up a tremendous fight with their monstrous size and weight. Combine that with the river current and you and your fishing partners are on for one epic battle.
Our Heller Bar Sturgeon Fishing Guides know right where these fish are feeding and where they rest. Sturgeon can be fished year-round but the months of April, May, June, October, and
November are the best.


Pound for pound the smallmouth bass fight better than any species we target. When the bite is on it is not uncommon to catch over 100 of these feisty fish in a day.
Most of our fish range from 10 to 18 inches with a few 20+ inches to be caught. In the spring our Snake River Heller Bar fishing guides will take you on a scenic trip into Hells Canyon targeting the soft water areas.
We will find bass hanging out along the shorelines in shrubs, rocky areas, or behind gravel bars. The easiest and most simple method works the best – casting soft plastics such as tubes,
senkos, and curly tails into these pockets of water. Most of our anglers opt to combo this trip with Sturgeon.