Guided Steelhead Fishing

World-famous for its B-run Steelhead averaging 10 to 12 lbs with several 20 lb fish to be taken. Clearwater is highly regarded as one of the best Steelhead rivers in the world. The Clearwater is a shallow river with rocky structures and gravel bars making drifting bait the primary method of fishing here. It is not uncommon for our Lewiston Idaho Fishing Guides to put you onto 20 or more Steelhead in a day!! Here our Lewiston Idaho Fishing Guides will cover a 40-mile section of the river beginning in Lewiston, Idaho, and extending into the town of Orofino, Idaho. The Clearwater River is a very scenic river with plenty of sightings of Bald Eagles, Deer, Elk, River Otter, and numerous other critters that roam the Clearwater mountainside. To find out more about our Steelhead guided trips visit our Steelhead page.

Guided Salmon Fishing

The Clearwater also sees a run of spring Chinook. Our Lewiston Idaho Fishing Guides will fish a 70-mile section of the river from Lewiston to Kooskia, with stops along the way in the communities of Lenore, Peck, and Orofino. Trolling herring, eggs, or plugs as well as back-bouncing eggs are the best methods of taking in this fishery. Idaho Clearwater Spring Salmon is regarded as the best tasting salmon available. The weather is nice this time of year which makes for a great family fishing trip! To find out more about our Salmon guided trips visit our Salmon page.

Guided Smallmouth Bass Fishing

There are plenty of Smallmouth Bass to catch in the Snake River and Grand Ronde River Canyons. Smallmouth fishing peaks around June and continues into early September. It is not uncommon to catch over 100 fish a day. Most fish average around 8” to 15” in size with the occasional 15” to 24” fish chomping on your lure. The best thing about bass fishing is the weather. The weather in the spring and summer can be beautiful with temperatures ranging from 80 to 100 degrees. To find out more about our Smallmouth Bass guided trips visit our Smallmouth Bass page.

Guided Sturgeon Fishing

Our Sturgeon trips take place on the Snake River at Heller Bar. Here we fish the entrance to Hells Canyon, the deepest river gorge in North America. On a typical day, you will see six or more fish. The Snake River is home to a healthy population of oversized sturgeon, meaning most of the fish you will catch are going to range six to 10+ feet! While springtime is the best, we continue to catch these prehistoric monsters throughout the summer and into fall. Check out our Sturgeon page to learn more.