October 19th 2022

Big & bright Clearwater River Steelhead on the bite right now! Our fleet has been fishing the Clearwater River exclusively the past couple of weeks for this year’s great run of B-run Steelhead. During the harvest season which ended Oct 14th, the river was crowded and we were very busy, however our guides were managing to put our guests on some nice fish. Now that we have fallen into our new Catch & Release season, traffic on the river has diminished substantially and the Steelhead have continued to pour into the river. The past few days our boats have hooked into 10+ Steelhead each every day. We have been seeing some absolute brutes this year!!

Don’t miss out on this great time of year. The catch & release season always provides us the best action of the year. If you are wanting to harvest, we still have room after the harvest season reopens Nov. 10th.

Here are some recent photos: