Little Goose Dam Fishing Guides

Catch the Walleye of Your Dreams!

Snake River Little Goose Dam Walleye Fishing Guides.

If you’re looking for the best Walleye fishing experience near Little Goose Dam, look no further! Our experienced guides offer fishing tours year-round. Get ready to catch big ones; ranging from 1 – 17 pounds these fish put up a good fight and make all your effort worthwhile.

During spawning season (spring & fall) they can be found in shallow flats but during summer months they hang out closer to deep ledges or points. Also, if weather conditions are overcast or particularly windy, you’ll have twice as much luck since light is obscured underwater making it easier for them to spot bait. Now that’s what we call a true angler’s paradise.

Our Snake River Little Goose Dam Fishing Guides are some of the most experienced and professional guides in the area. With years of experience on the Little Goose Dam, our guides can help you find the best spots for catching walleye and teach you the best techniques for catching these prized fish. We provide all the necessary equipment, ensuring that you have the best fishing experience possible.

The Best Fishing Experience Near the Little Goose Dam

Salmon Fishing at it’s Best Near Little Goose Dam.

In May our Snake River Little Goose Dam Fishing Guides are targeting Spring Chinook Salmon directly below the Little Goose Dam. This is a unique fishery as we anchor inside of a back eddy created by Little Goose Dam. The fish get trapped in the back eddy and during the peak of the run, we position the boat on top of, at times, 10,000 or more Chinook Salmon. As you can imagine this provides for excellent fishing on most days our clients limit out by mid morning and go home a Salmon or two that is the best table fare among its species. Our Snake River Little Goose Salmon Fishing Guides take the upper hand in this fishery because it is a very small hole that is difficult to anchor in. Our guides are up early claiming the hot spot to provide the best fishing experience for our clients.

Let our experienced guides take you on a fishing excursion you will not forget on the Snake River by Little Goose Dam! Our experienced guides will show you how to maximize your chances of catching these giant fish, so you can proudly show off your catch to friends and family.