Stevenson washington fishing guides

The town of Stevenson, Washington lies along the banks of the Columbia River inside what is known as the Columbia River Gorge. Here you will find a small fishing town that is home to some of the best salmon fishing in the state. Our guides target two bodies of water here for spring chinook in April and May. First is the Wind River. This area provides the ability to use a wide range of techniques including backtrolling or forward trolling plugs, herring, super baits, or prawns. Many Chinook migrating up the Columbia River are bound for the Wind River hatchery, so not only do you get traveling fish continuing up the Columbia, you also get fish stopping here as this is their final stop before going into the hatchery.

A few miles upstream from the mouth of the Wind River is the famous Drano Lake. Drano has been a popular salmon fishery for decades as it serves as a stopping point for both travelling salmon as well as salmon destined for the Little White Salmon Hatchery. During the peak of the spring Chinook run, many anglers opt for this fishery because it funnels fish into a relatively small area, which can make them easier to target. Drano Lake has, in the past, seen more liberal limits and fishing restrictions than most other areas on the Columbia River. This area can get very congested, so we suggest booking a guide to take on the stress of navigating this popular fishery.