Our Walleye fishing guides target “Columbia River Gold” out of the Umatilla Oregon area in March and April. March is our “trophy” season where we primarily catch the larger females. We don’t hook or land near as many fish as we do later in the season, but your chances for a walleye that is ten pounds or heavier are high. In April, as the water warms we drop into deeper water and start to target our “eater” fishery, where our volume increases but average size decreases. If putting some great eating fillets away is your goal this is the time for you. The Columbia River at this location is large and can be intimidating to the novice angler, but our Umatilla Walleye Fishing Guides have years of experience in knowing where to be and what to use. Our bag of tricks extends from trolling deep diving plugs, trolling flats and weed beds, bottom walking with worms, and vertical jigging. Every day is different so let our Reel Time Fishing take the guesswork out of your day.

The Umatilla area of the Columbia River is world-famous for producing a quality walleye fishery. Most of our fishing takes place below McNary Dam where our guides will fish about 10 miles of river. If the weather (wind) creates havoc here we will move upriver to the mouth of the Snake River near Burbank Washington.