Columbia River The Dalles Walleye Fishing

The Columbia River near The Dalles, Oregon is home to some of the best Walleye fishing in the state of Washington. Our Dalles Fishing Guides target these Walleye below John Day Dam down to the mouth of the Deschutes River. Starting in late February and continuing until July you can find our Dalles Fishing Guides filling their live wells full of nice Walleye. Trolling worms on the bottom is the key as well as knowing where the hot spots are. For pure numbers of Walleye, this is the place to go. Last Spring our boats were boating numbers exceeding 70 fish per day. Give our Dalles Fishing Guides a call if you interested in catching great numbers of Walleye!

Columbia River The Dalles Salmon Fishing

This section of the Columbia River sees two runs of salmon, Spring Chinook, and Fall Chinook. Depending on run timing you will find our Dalles Fishing Guides targeting Spring Salmon towards the end of April and into May. This is mostly an anchor fishery that occurs right out from the Maryhill State Park or just below John Day Dam. Our Dalles Fishing Guides know exactly where to drop the anchor to set you up for success. These Spring Salmon are chrome bright and are some of the best-tasting salmon on the market.

In the Fall time, around the first of September, another Salmon fishery occurs. These are the Fall Chinook or Up River Brights as many call them. Fishing for these fish takes place near the mouth of the Deschutes River a few miles above The Dalles, Oregon. Trolling super baits and spinners is key. Our Dalles Fishing Guides know exactly when and where to be targeting these fish and it’s not uncommon to have a boat limited within a few hours.

Columbia River The Dalles Sturgeon Fishing

One of the last areas of the Columbia River to have yearly retention of Sturgeon occurs right upriver from The Dalles, Oregon. Taking place early in the year, January until the quota is met or until its set closure in May, our Dalles Fishing Guides will put you onto Sturgeon ranging in size from a couple of feet to over 10 feet! Our guides have found that Sturgeon on this section of the Columbia fight harder than anywhere else!