Mid Columbia River Guide Service

Our Mid Columbia Fishing Guides fish a handful of areas in this section of the Columbia River. To us, the Mid-Columbia extends from Bonneville Dam to John Day Dam. This is an immense expansion of water, but there are a few key areas we focus on. First, during the Spring Chinook season, you will find us at Drano Lake. Drano Lake is a tributary of the Columbia River formed by the Little White Salmon River. Home to a very successful hatchery program, this is one of the most popular Chinook fisheries on the Columbia River.

To learn more about our Drano Lake fishery, visit our Drano Lake page.

As you continue up the Columbia River you will end up at the mouth of the Deschutes River flowing out of Oregon. Above that, you have John Day Dam. This is where you will find our Mid Columbia Fishing Guides throughout the year targeting various species.

In the winter months, our keeper sturgeon master will be in full force. This season starts on January 1st and continues until the quota is met. This fishery takes place near Rufus, Oregon. Next, we transition into spring walleye and spring Chinook. It is not uncommon for our guides to fill the live wells with what we refer to as “Columbia River Gold.” Walleye are the ling cod of fresh water – simply the best tasting freshwater fish you can catch. Once the spring Chinook shows up we will put down the walleye rods and pick up the salmon gear. This area can be a great Chinook fishery, as long as you are with the right guide. There are hot spots where you need to be or else you will just be “fishing” all day. Visit our Rufus or John Day Dam pages to learn more about these fisheries.