May 20, 2022

Great Day on the Water

Travis was phenomenal! Early and ready to go. Gave a good and quick talk on expectations and then got right to fishing. I’ve been fishing for a long time so I know this wasn’t a typical day but we, 4 of us landed 15 steelhead before lunch, all being to big to keep since there was a 28” maximum length limitation. The biggest fish being 41” long with a girth measurement of 17”, guesstimated weight of somewhere in the 22 lb range. Stopped for lunch where Travis gave us a very tasty and filling hot lunch and then back to fishing. Travis was definitely knowledgeable about not only where to fish but how and with what as far as bait and beads. Great gear, a nice boat and a great guy. Would fish with Travis any chance I got. Everyone in our party had a great time. Keep up the great work Travis and thank you very much!