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Myself & 2 friends booked a sturgeon trip on the Snake river in Hells Canyon. One of my friends is working on his bucket list, and this is one of the things he wanted to do. I also have always wanted to catch a dinosaur, so away we went! Tom was our guide for the all day trip & was great right from the start. Very friendly, accommodating, and knowledgeable. We left wondering how well the weather was going to be, since it had been bad the last 2 days. But the weather was pretty good for the whole trip, we got a little rain & wind, but not bad. On the 2nd hole, we hooked a 6’7″ fish that Tom had a great time reeling in. Once on the beach after about 20 minutes, he got to take selfies with it :)! We fished a few more holes & talked the whole way about different things. About 11 am we had a big hit on one of the rods & I grabbed a hold & away we went for over 30 minutes. He had said it was a big fish & it was. It jumped 3 times, once just a couple of feet off the bow. It wound up being 8’8″ & weighed what I thought was a Volkswagon Beetle! Tom told us he had never seen this particular fish, as we had talked before how some of the ones they keep catching get names, since they are very identifiable. Later we had some brats that Tom cooked up for us, which we washed down with beer. We didn’t catch another one, but all in all it was a wonderful day & trip! I’d do it again when it gets a little warmer probably!